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From Beyond

1986 | ItalyUnited States | 85 min | More...
A still from From Beyond (1986)
  • Watched on B+: 4 stars (out of 5)
    on Sun Sep 5, 2021 via Vudu

    Two scientists working in an eerie New England mansion discover a parallel dimension. But the denizens of this other dimension prove deadly. Jeffrey Combs plays the surviving scientist whose mental scars land him in an institution. Barbara Crampton plays a psychiatrist who springs Combs to help her recreate the experiment. Disaster ensues.

    A terrific discovery, From Beyond plays like a pulp Hellraiser. The transgressive practical effects proved delightful, and the cast straddles the fine line between EC Comics-style heightened performances and camp. Indeed, the entire film walks the tonal tightrope with success, save when a character produces a cartoonish explosive (complete with timer) to initiate the finale.