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I'm not a great writer. Maybe not even a good one. But with practice I can be better.
  1. 29 Aug 2016

    Suicide Squad

    1 Star (out of 5) You'd think an ancient demon threatening armageddon would be hard to forget, but Suicide Squad proves otherwise.

  2. 19 Aug 2016

    The Killer Nun

    2 Stars (out of 5) For a nunsploitation picture, boredom is a cardinal sin.

  3. 17 Feb 2016

    Chain Lightning

    2 Stars (out of 5) The skin-tight flight suit is a bridge too far.

  4. 06 Feb 2016

    Black Mass

    2 Stars (out of 5) Based on a true story, Black Mass sees Johnny Depp made up as a balding and paunchy James “Whitey” Bulger. The film follows Bulger’s ascent from small-time hood to crime-lord of South Boston. A journey made possible by the FBI.

  5. 25 Nov 2015

    The House That Dripped Blood

    3 Stars (out of 5) Reviewing anthology movies is hard. I picture you, dear reader, trudging through endless paragraphs of plot synopsis and I feel guilty. I have let you down.

  6. 21 Sep 2015

    Big City Blues

    3 Stars (out of 5) I watched Big City Blues because it features an early, uncredited performance from Humphrey Bogart. Given the film’s obscurity, my expectations were low.

  7. 19 Sep 2015

    The Whip and the Body

    3 Stars (out of 5) Any film starring Christopher Lee as a ghost whipping a half-nude woman as she moans in ecstasy can’t be all bad.

  8. 18 Sep 2015

    I, Monster

    2 Stars (out of 5) “He would be the most dangerous human being on earth. A monster.”

  9. 05 Sep 2015

    Two Evil Eyes

    3 Stars (out of 5) Skip the first half of Two Evil Eyes. Or at least watch the second half first.

  10. 29 Aug 2015

    Shock Waves

    2 Stars (out of 5) The four survivors planned to hole up in the abandoned hotel’s vault-like refrigerator. It was a good plan, considering the squad of undead, water-breathing Nazi storm troopers lurking outside. Then one survivor gets claustrophobic and fires a signal flare into the refrigerator. That’s where Shock Waves lost me.

  11. 13 Aug 2015

    Maniac Cop

    3 Stars (out of 5) Maniac Cop is set in New York City. Not the bustling metropolis of today, but the seedy, dangerous cesspool Hollywood liked to conjure during the 70s and 80s. A vicious jungle where street punks, pimps, and pushers lurked around every darkened corner. The film embraces this atmosphere. Everything feels worn, lived-in, and used.

  12. 15 Jul 2015

    Hell Is for Heroes

    4 Stars (out of 5) Hell Is for Heroes tells the story of a small squad of American soldiers. It’s 1944 and the group has seen its share of action on the European lines. Now, they’re enjoying a break in a bombed-out village near the Siegfried Line.

  13. 11 Jul 2015

    Inside Out

    3 Stars (out of 5) Inside Out is an ambitious animated feature that opens inside the mind of a newborn girl named Riley. There, we meet our protagonist Joy, an anthropomorphic emotion. In voicing Joy, Amy Poehler manages the near-impossible feat of being relentlessly optimistic and perky without ever being annoying.

  14. 20 Jun 2015

    The Searchers

    5 Stars (out of 5) The Searchers is a very good film about a very flawed man.

  15. 13 Jun 2015

    The City of the Dead

    4 Stars (out of 5) The City of the Dead opens in a small, fog-shrouded village. The locals have gathered to burn Elizabeth Selwyn for the crime of witchcraft. As the flames consume her, Elizabeth pledges her soul to Lucifer in exchange for eternal life. The bloodthirsty villagers drown her out, chanting “Burn witch, burn!”

  16. 18 Apr 2015


    4 Stars (out of 5) WolfCop is about an alcoholic sheriff’s deputy who becomes a werewolf and uses his newfound powers to clean up his small town. It’s ridiculous in the best possible way.

  17. 11 Apr 2015

    It Follows

    2 Stars (out of 5) It Follows is the perfect white-bread horror film for folks who dismiss the genre as a step or two above pornography. It's well-produced, self-aware, and devoid of any disturbing scares or gratuitous thrills.

  18. 03 Apr 2015

    The Visitor

    2 Stars (out of 5) As I see it, my job as a reviewer is threefold. I endeavor to describe what a given movie is about, convey a sense of the viewing experience, and give you an idea of how I felt about it.

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