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Hoppy Serves a Writ

1943 | United States | 67 min
  • Watched on Wednesday Dec 2, 2020 via Amazon
    D: 2 stars (out of 5)

    Robert Mitchum’s first movie. Boyd plays Hopalong “Hoppy” Cassidy, a Texas sheriff out to arrest an outlaw gang that’s fled into Oklahoma, where he lacks jurisdiction.

    Boyd makes an unlikely western hero. His white hair, soft physique, and eloquent demeanor feel anachronistic. Yet his performance conveys the easy confidence that comes from having played the part in 40-some prior Hopalong movies.

    Although it only runs a few minutes over an hour, lots of transition shots and ill-conceived slapstick bits pad the runtime. Mitchum’s debut comes as a grunt in the outlaw gang and amounts to a single forgettable line.

    The Amazon print is HD but marred with persistent scratches.

    Followed by Border Patrol.