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Border Patrol

1943 | United States | 65 min
  • Watched on Wednesday Dec 2, 2020 via Amazon
    D+: 2 stars (out of 5)

    Boyd plays Hopalong Cassidy, a Texas Ranger who uncovers a shady mining town controlled by a despotic mayor, played by Russell Simpson.

    This entry follows Hoppy Serves a Writ in the Hopalong Cassidy series, carrying over much of that film’s cast but working from a better script. Boyd’s still an odd fit for a western hero, but this entry doesn’t see him brawling with men half his age. It also tones down the slapstick. Casting the older Simpson opposite Boyd proves a double boon. He provides a good foil and makes Boyd appear youthful in comparison.

    Granted, she begins as an annoying, bull-headed stereotype, but Claudia Drake’s character receives a surprising amount of third-act agency. A nice touch for a film of that era.

    Robert Mitchum, in his third movie, plays another forgettable goon, albeit one with more lines.

    Followed by Colt Comrades.