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Five Elements Ninjas

(Ren zhe wu di)
1982 | Hong Kong | 107 min | More...
A still from Five Elements Ninjas (1982)
C+: 3 stars (out of 5)
on Sun Aug 08, 2021

The Shaw Brothers do ninjas. Solid fight choreography early as two rival kung fu clans meet in a martial challenge. The losing clan calls in the mysterious five elements ninjas, a Japanese group that destroys the rival clan using a variety of inventive techniques. A lone warrior survives and seeks ninja training. He later returns and we’re treated to some bonkers fight scenes packed with over-the-top violence and liberal amounts of Hammeresque blood. An entertaining ride but the lower production values and flatter performances pale next to the superior Duel to the Death.

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    Sun Aug 08, 2021 via Netflix