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4 Stars (out of 5)

WolfCop is about an alcoholic sheriff’s deputy who becomes a werewolf and uses his newfound powers to clean up his small town. It’s ridiculous in the best possible way.

They don’t make movies like this anymore. Nowadays, B movies are homogenized, euphemistic, schlock neutered for release on basic cable. The manic energy is gone, along with any sense of pride from the people involved. Instead, we get half-assed camp with D-list performers that can’t disguise their contempt for the material.

To that end, WolfCop is a rarity. A lurid pulp creation made by talented folks who seem to be enjoying themselves. You can feel it in every over-the-top minute.

Consider the transformation scene. A genre staple. Our protagonist, Lou, stumbles drunk into a dive bar bathroom. The change begins as he relieves himself. Lou lets out a howl. His urine turns blood red as his penis sprouts hair and inflates like a trick balloon.

It’s a crazy shot, but not gratuitous. In leading with the genitals, WolfCop conveys the character’s transformation pain better than any werewolf film I can recall. I laughed and cringed in the same breath.

Not every scene is as calculated. Scenes like WolfCop tricking out his police cruiser, or foiling a gang of graffiti artists by hosing them down with his urine, are just silly. But that’s okay. The film’s only pushing the werewolf genre tropes to their natural extremes.

In WolfCop, it’s not “What if a cop became a werewolf?” It’s “What if a drunken cop stereotype became a werewolf super cop?” The resulting mishmash of cop drama and supernatural horror is a tone-perfect, greasy hamburger of a movie that clocks in at a scant seventy nine minutes.

But let’s face it, the bit about the ballooning penis already told you everything you needed to know, didn’t it?

Grade: B

WolfCop (2014)D: Lowell Dean2014 | Canada | 79 mins.I've seen it 2 times.