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The Lucky Texan

1934 | United States | 55 min | More...
A still from The Lucky Texan (1934)
D: 2 stars (out of 5)
on Tue Feb 28, 2012

John Wayne plays the titular Texan, who strikes gold with an old rancher played by Gabby Hayes, only to find themselves wanted for murder thanks to a crooked assayer.

The Lucky Texan is a sub-par Lone Star entry, notable chiefly for Gabby Hayes’s comedic turn in drag towards the film’s end.

The script by director Robert N. Bradbury is slow and talky. There’s a lot of setup getting Wayne and Hayes together and into the mining business, including some flat attempts at comedy and a laughable Lassie sequence.

The supporting cast is also uneven. While Yakima Canutt is fine a villainous henchman, Barbra Sheldon is wooden and ill cast as Wayne’s would-be love interest. Like most of Wayne’s Lone Star leading ladies, she has zero charisma and seems out of place in the old-west setting.

Despite all of this, the last ten minutes are great, featuring the aforementioned sequence where Hayes disguises himself in drag, and a well-done chase scene involving a motorized rail car.

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