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Reviews of movies directed by Don Siegel

Director (2 titles)

  1. Hell Is for Heroes (1962)

    4 Stars (out of 5) Hell Is for Heroes tells the story of a small squad of American soldiers. It’s 1944 and the group has seen its share of action on the European lines. Now, they’re enjoying a break in a bombed-out village near the Siegfried Line.

  2. The Big Steal (1949)

    4 Stars (out of 5) Like any good script, The Big Steal starts as late into the story as possible. Aboard an ocean liner that's just docked in Veracruz, Mexico, William Bendix bursts into Robert Mitchum's cabin holding a gun. He's after something he believes Mitchum stole. Mitchum says he doesn't have it. “You’ve got the wrong man,” Mitchum says. Bendix isn’t buying it. He moves to arrest Mitchum. Mitchum overpowers Bendix, knocking him out. Mitchum takes Bendix's gun and identification. The identification reads: Captain Vincent Blake of the US Army.