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Truth or Dare?

(Truth or Dare?: A Critical Madness)
1986 | United States | 90 min | More...
A still from Truth or Dare? (1986)
D+: 2 stars (out of 5)
on Thu Aug 19, 2021

A man returns home to find his wife in bed with his friend. He snaps, embarking on a self-mutilation spree fueled by childhood memories of playing “Truth or Dare.” He’s committed to a local institution, but soon he’s free again, sporting a blank copper mask, stalking his ex-wife, and killing anyone unfortunate enough to cross his path. Shot-on-video but sporting a budget large enough to feature fire stunts, a catchy theme song, and solid practical effects. The result lands in the uncanny valley between talented amateur and apathetic professional. Not good, but entertaining, especially when you realize it’s set in Florida.

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    Watched on
    Thu Aug 19, 2021 via Alamo On Demand