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Tomorrow Never Dies

1997 | United KingdomUnited States | 119 min | More...
A still from Tomorrow Never Dies (1997)
D+: 2 stars (out of 5)
on Thu Aug 06, 2020

Reminds me of a great bit from Austin Powers:

Dr. Evil: Are we ready to release our new software?

Number 2: Yes, sir. As requested, it’s full of bugs, which means people will be forced to upgrade for years.

Dr. Evil: Outstanding.

Except that’s in this movie. Both hit theaters in 1997, so that’s… something? I dunno. Everything looks cheap: the sets, the car, the effects, even the clothes. Makes a compelling case for Worst Bond Movie. Insert joke about Ricky Jay wishing he could disappear from this turkey. Followed by The World Is Not Enough.

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    Thu Aug 06, 2020 via Netflix