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A still from Texas Cyclone (1932)

Texas Cyclone

1932 | United States | 63 min
  • Watched on Wed Aug 11, 2021 via DVD (2015 | Mill Creek Entertainment | John Wayne & The Western Trios - 50 Movie Roundup)
    C-: 3 stars (out of 5)

    Tim McCoy plays Texas Grant, who arrives in the small frontier town of Stampede and finds the locals mistaking him for Jim Rawlings, a lawman believed killed five years prior. After finding Rawlings’s widow struggling to hold on to her ranch, Grant decides to pose as Rawlings and help drive a band of crooks out of town. John Wayne plays a ranch hand who throws in with Grant. Walter Brennan plays the local sheriff.

    McCoy’s fine, but Wayne proves the draw. He exudes charisma and towers over the rest of the cast, but his dialog delivery remains stiff. Still, it’s novel seeing Wayne play a supporting part in a better-produced version of the B-grade oaters he’d star in for the next seven years.

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