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2021 | JapanUnited States | 92 min | More...
A still from Nobody (2021)
  • Watched on B+: 4 stars (out of 5)
    on Thu Sep 2, 2021 via iTunes

    Bob Odenkirk plays Hutch, an everyman stuck in suburban hell. His days are the same, his wife has become a stranger, and his son doesn’t respect him. An attempted home robbery unleashes years of pent-up frustration, but the fallout sends Hutch on a collision course with the Russian mafia.

    Screenwriter Darek Kolstad also wrote John Wick. Like that film, Kolstad doesn’t wrestle with the moral or ethical issues of vigilantism and instead embraces the empowerment fantasy with a gleeful streak of dark humor. But this suburban tweak proves superior because Odenkirk delivers the best unexpected everyman since Bruce Willis in Die Hard.

    It’s a terrific ride. I can’t remember having such a visceral adrenaline reaction as when Hutch seals his family in the basement before going to war. Subsequent viewings may push this to five stars.