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His Private Secretary

2 Stars (out of 5)

Foreshadowing a career playing characters with great names, John Wayne plays a wealthy socialite named Dick Wallace.

After chewing him out for being a drunken womanizer, Wallace's father puts him to work collecting a debt owed by a minister. Wallace falls for the minister's daughter, Marion, played by top-billed Evelyn Knapp.

The film's first half sees Wallace pursue Marion. The two marry, which causes a rift between Wallace and his father, who views Marion as a gold digger despite never meeting her.

Marion goes to the elder Wallace to smooth things over, but a mix-up lands her hired as his secretary.

The early scenes with John Wayne as a drunken playboy checking out women's ankles in his rearview mirror had me laughing. They're almost enough to recommend the film. But the lack of chemistry between Wayne and Knapp, and the awkward third-act plotting, reserve His Private Secretary for Wayne die-hards only.

Grade: D+

His Private Secretary (1933)D: Phil Whitman1933 | USA | 60 mins.I've seen it 1 time.