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Welcome Back

Hey there, Frank here.

Confession time.

My last review was over a year ago. The top of my to-review list is a movie I saw almost two years ago. And there's over 200 movies after that one. I have fallen off the review wagon.

Sorry about that. The trouble is, I enjoy writing about movies, but I enjoy watching them even more. But I can't do both at the same time. So the more movies I watched, the more my to-review list grew.

Except, that's not the whole truth.

See, I also spent a lot of time tinkering with this site. My day job is software development, and I love coding almost as much as I love movies. So I went through several design iterations. I added splash images, transitions, and client-side sorting and filtering. The site looked pretty damn sweet. But while I was adding all those features, you know what I wasn't doing? Writing reviews.

So I'm declaring review bankruptcy.

What's that mean? Well, in a nutshell, I'm starting over. I've still got the list (over in the viewing log) of everything I've seen since January 1st 2012, but I'm starting over on reviews.

One of my goals when I started the site was to become a better writer by forcing myself to write more. But writing a review for every movie I watch isn't going to help if the reviews are crap.

And a lot of them were crap.

They were crap because I churned them out to clear the queue. I watch too many movies to review them all. So now, instead of trying to review every movie I watch, I'll aim for one review a week.

That schedule should allow me three drafts per review. My prior reviews were almost all first draft efforts. Three drafts give me time to polish the text while still forcing me to publish it instead of tinkering for draft after draft.

Finally, to bring the focus back to the writing I redesigned the site again. The splash images and posters are gone, because finding and prepping them took a lot of time. Time better spent writing.

So welcome back. I hope you'll give me a second chance. We've got close to a hundred years of cinema to cover and I'm pretty excited.

Let's get started